are u ever mean as fuck in ur head and u aint wanna be and u’d never say it out loud but that one voice in ur head is a total asshole and u feel bad for even thinking it and u wonder if thats how u rly are


Jenna McDougall, everybody. x

I can put my phone down beside my bed and pull my two layers of blankets up over my shoulders, rolling over until I face the wall becoming so content and ready for sleep. But as soon as my phone lights up and I know it’s you, I’ll take the chance of being restless just to see what you have to say. Because time spent on you is much more comforting.

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Okay never say that period pains aren’t that bad because one time I had an ovarian cyst that burst before they found it, and when the doctor saw how big it was, he asked me, “How were you not screaming in pain?”

And my response was, “Oh, I thought they were just cramps.”

I’ve started taking shots of espresso
instead of shots of whiskey
whenever my heart gets broken;
that way, I’d have the bitter part
over and done with,
my heart would be racing
instead of dragging and stumbling
along the sidewalk in drunken steps,
and I won’t have to see
anyone in my dreams because
I won’t be getting any sleep at all.

Resolutions for the broken hearted (by Jai R.)


this blog will make you laugh your ass off!

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